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Mahaprāṇāyana then went to the city of Kāñcī, where he resided for a year. There he saw a large number of snakes in a lake. He went into a large number of hermitages and asked the hermits what they knew about snakes. Their replies were all in agreement that the snakes had two horns and were red. Pasupata Mahaprāṇāyana became very much pleased with the story, and so on his return he visited Śāstrī Mahārāja, who was a great devotee of the Lord. Śāstrī Mahārāja asked him what the hermitages he had visited had said about the red snakes. Mahaprāṇāyana said that they said the same thing that the other hermits said about them. The Śāstrī Mahārāja then asked him to go to a hermitage where a Brahmana was living. There was a pond in that hermitage, and Mahaprāṇāyana went to the pond. As he came near the pond, a large number of red snakes appeared before him. They had two horns and were very large. Mahaprāṇāyana was greatly pleased to see the snake hermit. He wished to know how he had got into the existence of such a beautiful snake hermitage, and how he had been so fortunate as to get such a beautiful snake for a hermitage. The snake hermit then said, “This beautiful hermitage belongs to me. There were a lot of red snakes in that pond. They were all poisonous. When they came near my hermitage, I sent them back to the lake. I was very fortunate. I did not harm any of them. I did not even suffer any harm. You are the first person to come here. I am not afraid of you. You do not harm me. I am not going to harm you. The snake hermits in my hermitage are all very happy to see you. We talk to each other. I eat what you eat. I drink what you drink. There is no difference between us. Your visit to my hermitage has been a very great favour. I am very grateful to you. You must stay here. All the other snake hermits are longing to see you. You are my




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Mahanyasam Telugu Pdf Free 40 Latest

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