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Turkey Hunting

Experience turkey hunting in the rolling hills of southwestern Wisconsin (zone 1). Hear Mr. Tom's dominating gobble ring off of the hills, across the draws and through the valleys as you sip a hot cup of Torke coffee waiting for the darkness to fade into warm, morning light. A passing crow call is answered by a thundering gobble from a distant valley. The stage is set. The decoys are perfectly placed. The smoke pole is in the ready position. You're nudged by your Wolf Pack guide as he slowly strokes a box call and follows with a morning set of hen purrs from a mouth call. As the sun warms the hillside blind, movement is noticed out towards the draw. The first hen turkey slowly moves out of the woodlot. Then another. And another. The thundering gobble is heard again, only it's much closer this time. The top of the fanned tail appears first and your guide purrs with the box call. The hens are approaching. You see the tom's head - he's checking it all out. He stretches his neck and the thundering gobble rattles your blind. He commits to your guide's challenge and moves into shot range. The hunt is now yours!

Wolf Pack supplies all decoys, calls and incredible access to some of the best turkey habitat in southwestern Wisconsin. A permit for zone 1 is required. Apply and learn about leftover permit availability from the Wisconsin DNR.

We can accommodate up to 2 people for this outdoor adventure.
$250/hunter. *Does not include tax, hunting license/stamps, or guides gratuity.