Sheboygan Salmon and Trout

CHARTER FISHING out of the Port of Sheboygan, Wisconsin for trout and salmon is nothing short of world class. Your group will have a blast trolling on Lake Michigan for the fight of a lifetime when they hook a big fish. There are five main species that are targeted throughout the year: brown trout, rainbow trout, lake trout, coho salmon, and chinook salmon.

Have you ever been on a freshwater ocean? Put yourself on one of our charter boats and find yourself surrounded by nothing but water, looking at land up to 15 miles in the distance, catching salmon that can reach up to 30 pounds! This is the trip of a lifetime! If you’ve never been…you need to experience it!

When you fish aboard any Wolf Pack charter, you are navigated by a USCG licensed captain with years of experience. All trips aboard Wolf Pack I and Wolf Pack II also include a first mate. Our team is dedicated to putting you on the best bite and ensuring that your adventure is high-quality, safe and fun!

We can accommodate groups of up to 60+ for this adventure.


Prices do not include tax, fishing license, or guides gratuity. Multiple boats available for large groups.
$600/boat (6 anglers/boat) 5 hour trip

$800/boat (6 anglers/boat) 8 hour trip 

Fishing and Lodging Packages

All rates reflect 6 anglers with two rooms, extra room or room adjustments available upon request.


5 hour evening trip+ 1 night lodging+ 5 hour morning trip $1,400

Make a 5 hour trip 8 hours for an additional $200 or make both 5 hour trips 8 hours for an additional $400

All salmon fishing guests will stay at Fairfield by Marriott in Sheboygan

4117 S. Taylor Drive, Sheboygan, WI, 53081


Combination SALMON+WALLEYE Trips

Sheboygan Salmon and Green Bay Walleye combination packages with lodging package prices reflect one room per boat. Multiple boats available for larger groups. *Tax, fishing license and guides gratuity not included in prices.

5 hour salmon or walleye evening trip + 1 night lodging + 5 hour salmon or walleye morning trip 1-2 people $1,085, 3 people $1,160, 4 people $1,235

Groups of 5-6 people will have 2 walleye boats, 1 salmon boat, and 2 rooms booked for their stay.​ 5 people $1,645, 6 people $1,720

Turn a 5 hour trip into 8 hour for additional $200 or turn both 5 hour trips into both 8 hour trips for $400

All combination trips will be staying at the Hyatt Regency Green Bay.

333 Main Street, Green Bay, WI, 54301



In the spring of the year, brown trout fishing is world class out of Sheboygan on Lake Michigan. These fish are great table fare and offer some awesome fishing opportunities as soon as the ice goes off the lake (March/April). We target these fish out of our 21ft walleye boats which allows us to use multiple fishing presentations, casting or trolling. It is some great fun watching these hard fighting fish early in our open water season. Don't be fooled these 21ft walleye boats can also attack salmon all summer long. So if you have a smaller group or want to learn how to rig your boat, we can get you after trout and salmon all season long.


Multiple boats available for larger groups.$375/boat (2 anglers, $75 each additional person) *Tax, fishing license and guides gratuity not included.


1211 Emerson Ave 
Howards Grove WI, 53083


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