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Sheboygan Steelhead

As winter rolls out and spring rolls in, our tributaries open up and the wintering trout and spawning Steelhead (by definition, true Steelhead migrate up freshwater rivers and return to saltwater of the sea, but our trout return to freshwater) make their way into the rivers, making the first open water offering since ice up of the fall. It is now when we find ourselves targeting the same Lake Michigan trout we target throughout the summer from a pair of waders! We use float rod, fly rods, and spinners to target holdover Brown trout(Browns come into the river in late fall, and as long as feed is available, they will stay in the rivers throughout the winter) and 'Steelhead' that are full of spawn and power! We fully outfit the trip with waders, rods, tackle, guide etc! Simply pick a date, call to make reservations and purchase your license...we take care of the rest! We are set to take groups up to 12. Priced at $175/person, we charge a minimum of 2 anglers

The time to fish these is right now...first ice out through April if we sustain cool water. (Its also time to go after prespawn walleyes, but we will cover that next week!)

Stay tuned for seasonal updates!

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